Whole Person Sessions
Let a Whole Person session with Karen LaPuma help you understand your present, awaken you from past conditionings, increase your sensitivity and eliminate anything that is in the way of being a living God/Goddess. Karen draws from her extensive skills and experience to provide clarity, spiritual guidance, nurturing healing, and practical support.

Your Natal Horoscope reveals the components of your personality, defines the quality of your experience, and focuses on your potential and purpose. An understanding of Transits enables you to honor the archetypal Gods and Goddesses who call you at this time. Explore Right Livelihood and clarify career directions. Check the compatibility of Relationships with the art of Synastry and convert challenges to your advantage. A Composite Chart shows the purpose of the relationship.

This ancient pictorial wisdom magically mirrors your soul’s present journey, reflecting both your internal and external experience. Ask specific questions and receive concrete, clear, and reassuring guidance.

A simple numerical code in your name and birthday reveals your soul’s purpose, inner self, outer expression, motivation, and your cycles and karmic lessons.

Certified Hypnotherapy
With a spiritual approach, you can comfortably relax into the deep, non-verbal levels of consciousness, and release layers of constricting beliefs and conditioning. From this place of clarity, you are able to answer your own questions, relieve feelings of separateness, and experience union with the Divine.

Body Work
A nurturing hands-on massage is more than a luxury; it is an essential part of maintaining positive well being.

A pulse reading reveals what key points and meridian pathways need stimulation. Your vital energies are regenerated, blocked chi is released, and balance is re-established, so the body can heal itself.

This powerful hands-on Healing of the Universal Life Force can energize, relax and soothe emotions and illnesses, creating general well being. Initiations to practice this innate ability offered at a nominal cost.

What Happens During a Private Consultation?

Whether you just have questions, want to know the archetypal patterns playing in your life, need some motivational enthusiasm, have relationship issues, tense muscles, hurt physically, or are looking for support to connect with the Source of your being, I can combine intuitive, spiritual counseling with hypnotherapy and/or bodywork. It is up to you what you need at the time.

No matter what personal issue brings you to a private consultation, I like to have the rich, extensive knowledge from your astrological chart at my disposal. This blueprint magically depicts countless factors about you, such as your motivations, inner urges, life’s purpose, your strengths and talents, your approach to life, and relationship desires and abilities. This cosmic map is also an excellent timing tool to help you see what is going on in your life. With it, and the Tarot, I can read your present energies and answer specific questions concerning creativity, relationships, finances, career, health, and inner direction.

With hypnotherapy, I guide you into deep relaxation where anything can safely arise, be directly experienced, and liberated. Simple, practical tools to help dissolve old habits, are offered so you come to a place of Clear Seeing, with a deep inner knowing and peace.
I often combine the hands-on healing technique known as Reiki, along with acupressure and massage in the process of emotional and physical release. You can come for bodywork alone, or in combination. I believe some type of bodywork is essential in maintaining positive well-being.

The majority of my clients are phone consultations. For your convenience, I now have a toll-free phone number; 877-SoulSource, and I take credit cards. As your coach and counselor, I can help you reach your goals and support your personal process of awakening.

I look forward to working with you!