Awakening Female Power

awakening-female-powerKaren LaPuma, author of the book Awakening Female Power, has been an intuitive, spiritual and metaphysical counselor, coach and teacher since 1979. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a hands-on healer and a Reiki Master with skills in acupressure and massage. Karen is an inspirational speaker and a creative story-teller with an em-powering message.

What other people say about Awakening Female Power, a book by Karen LaPuma

“A remarkable, potent and marvelous blend of the practical and profound” Jean Houston, Ph.D.

“A masterful and profound source book” Terry Cole-Whittaker

“Stirs one’s deepest spiritual aspirations, offers an experience of awakening” Susan Campbell, Ph.D.

“Encapsulating, like entering a garden of the feminine in a practical way that honors and embraces the four intelligences” Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

“A real contribution to finding feminine inspiration” Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

“If I could afford to, I’d buy a copy for each of my clients and friends. It’s that good” Gloria Reiser

“Everyone should read this to experience the Love and Power of the Goddess” Transformation Times

“An exquisite service to the reader… it covers a full spectrum of topics” Whole Life Times

“A powerful model for bringing balance to earth” Leading Edge Review

“Practical and motivational stories that empower and promote change” New Directions for Woman