awakening-female-powerAwakening Female Power


There are three different categories:

Content of the book;

What the book will do for you;

Personal questions about the author and client’s life.

1. Why is Female Power so important?

The world desperately needs female power for balance! The Earth is seriously ailing. We have been driven by oppressive patriarchal policies for far too long. Women need to awaken their intellect and their motivation or their male energy and men need to awaken their loving, compassionate, and creative powers or their female energy. For the real key to power is balance.

2. How did you happen to write Awakening Female Power?

This book is my process and the processes of many of my clients. It evolved through my seven year writing odyssey and encompasses my spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical counseling practice; my research; and the interaction with friends. I guess you say I teach best what I needed to learn–awaken my female power–be my own authority, look within and go beyond belief.

3. What is your work now?

I’ve been called a spiritual friend and counselor and a motivational coach. My work is the way of the Goddess Warrior. Goddess Warrior is a model that emerged while researching the spiritual quest. If you believe that the Divine Light shines within, you are a Goddess. If you are a seeker desiring to live a better life, you are a Warrior. The Goddess tells us to celebrate our divinity, trust, be creative and open our compassionate hearts. The Warrior urges us to be strong and courageous, to combat our conditioning and to choose to be present. It is a model for anyone on the quest for it unifies male and female into a worker of light.

4. What is the scope of Awakening Female Power?

Awakening Female Power is written in the backdrop of the spiritual quest. It motivates women to wake up their power and everyone to wake up their consciousness and integrity. It helps us to stay centered, which implies balance, and most importantly it teaches to invoke the Goddess.

5. What do you mean by the spiritual or visionary quest?

It is a path called by many names–Soulmaking, the Hero’s Journey, the Great Adventure, Sacred Psychology, or the Process of Individuation. It is search for identity and a quest for Unity. It is the journey of finding who you are, which starts with the defining the personality. You continue by comparing yourself to universal models, and it ends with identification with the Divine force.

6. Is there really a Goddess Movement happening?

People everywhere are waking up to find we are all one family, living on one planet. The Goddess movement is a caring, spiritual, compassionate, earth-bound connection. Like nature, the Goddess radiates inwardly and outwardly to support all life. She is our universe, the earth and our bodies. She lives outside, as archetypical support and within as our creative and mysterious resources.

7. How does the Feminine Movement differ from the Goddess Movement?

The Feminine Movement is life-sustaining, encouraging women to take action in the world. The Goddess Movement is life-generating and urges everyone to awaken to their inner creative and loving nature.

8. How do we learn to be a Goddess?

Being a Goddess means trusting in the divine connection and knowing that we are blessed with light and creative resources. It means adopting an attitude of receptivity, acceptance and appreciation. The Goddess comes alive when we choose to act from our inner impulses, for only then are we in harmony with the universe. A positive attitude helps, for we must not allow ourselves to wallow in our emotions. We must learn not to hold feelings back, but find ways to express emotions without dumping them onto others.

9. What is the process of a Warrior?

Being a Warrior means being present. The present is the only point of power. Our quest unfolds through our daily life. It is Being Here Now and knowing that the process is the goal. Trusting that all life situations are for learning and one step at a time are how we master our own life. We break our conditioning and release our natural resistance by knowing that we have choices–little choices in the moment.

10. What is a key to awaken female power?

Our greatest power comes from our ability to choose and our ability to honor our Virgin Goddess. In other words rejoicing in our own individuality. We must accept responsibility for our lives and choose consciously what adds love and value to our life. The key is believing in ourselves and trusting what comes from within.

11. What is the biggest obstacle to female power?

Women who do not take responsibility and who do not trust themselves, see only by reflected light, the light of others, and live in a place called the Moon Palace. The Moon Palace is that place where you go when you feel separated from life, suspended, like a floating offspring. The Eskimo fairy tale tells you to trust that even though you feel like you are far way from earth. In actuality you aren’t. Just take hold of the rope and with your eyes closed, slide down. However before your feet touch the Earth, you must open your eyes and jump, otherwise you will become a spider entrenched in a web. In essence this tale tells us to take hold of the rope and awaken to the Goddess within. Break out of inertia and irresponsibility by opening our eyes and getting grounded. Grounded is a term which means being connected to our body, our environment and our truth. We stay out of the Moon Palace when we learn to be courageously patient, dare to follow your personal vision, and are persistent at “keeping on.”

How can women move beyond their old patterns of the past?

Embodying the many faces of the archetypical Goddess is a fun and rich way to expand the limiting past. For instance the past saw women either as the Madonna or the Whore, whereas the Goddess Venus embodies both, merging virgin and vixen into the Scarlet Woman.

13. What is our greatest challenge of the spiritual quest?

Releasing the past and following our grandest vision into the future. The challenge is our grandest vision isn’t always grand enough. We must learn to see beyond our range of present possibilities. To some extent we are all live within the safe confines of our limited mental, emotional, and perceptual structures.

Why is it so important for us to explore our personal myth?

Our personal myth is a personal album of our individual development, the layers upon layers of personality programming. Our personal myth defines the scope of our evolutionary journey, but also serves as a perimeter defense system, which insulates us from the “outside” world. The quest for identity unravels through our personal stories, interests, values, and dreams. Only after exploration do we finally gaze within the mystery of our soul.

15. What are sacred wounds?

Every personal myth as part of our mystical heritage has a sacred wound to heal. Our wounds are our hurts, dysfunctions, insecurities, sensitivities, personality traits or a loss. Our sacred wounds open us to our larger story. Our pains seed greater growth, for by allowing our pathos to penetrate to the core of our being, we heal.

16. What are subpersonalities and how do we understand them?

There are many different subselves within the personality–distinct intelligent life forms that have conscious voices with points of view, and modes of action. Each has unique powers and weaknesses and must be understood before we can integrate them all into a healthy personality. For instance I have a little child, a caretaker, a critic judge, an artist, a savior, a witch, a dynamic showgirl, a wise and centered one and many divine Goddesses. Astrology is an excellent nomenclature for defining our subpersonalities.

17. Why is waking up our main lesson today?

Waking up is the essence of journey. Normal consciousness is much like dreaming while awake. Our world mixes what is real and what we believe is real. The mind is a creator, not merely a passive observer. Everything is screened and censored, through our belief systems. We are highly susceptible to illusion, because powerful programs and prior conditionings distorting our perception of reality, and restricting our freedom of choice. Bound to a system that we cannot see beyond, we believe what we think must be true. Krisnamurti refers to it as the “tyranny of the known.”

18. What are the steps to breaking this sleepy conditioning?

By learning that “the mind makes a good servant but a poor master,” we controls our ramblings and consciously create in the moment. We must focus on what we want to become, not what we want to overcome. We must focus the mind with a gentle, loving hand or it will bog itself down in endless details and fantasies.

19. How do we create within the spiritual quest?

A Goddess Warrior co-creates with the Goddess, which means asking for what you want, but letting go of the specifics. Going for the essence, not the form. A Goddess Warrior creates behind the badge of love and integrity. To love means to value and accept ourselves unconditionally without judgment; to trust your heart’s desire to find what you love to do, and then take action toward doing it. Loving is not focusing on changing ourselves, but becoming a loving Light. Integrity means living by three basic rules: truth, fairness and harmlessness. We build integrity with a commitment to honesty, by keeping our agreements and dedicating our life to perfect action.

20. What are the keys to successful self-assertion?

Knowing the source of our inner desires–looking within to what we really want. Then taking a stand despite appearances, and yet be unattached to the results.

21. What is human nature?

Duality is the essence of our nature. From the moment we open our eyes, life breaks up into an endless chain of lighted activity and darkened unconsciousness. The universal interplay of polar opposites is all pervasive. We have a male and a female nature, as well as the Goddess and the beast within.

22. What do you mean by beast?

The beast is our instincts, created from the individual bodily cellular consciousnesses. The beast prime directive is survival, first as an individual, then as a troop, and finally as a species. The pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain assure our survival. The beast is either an ally or an enemy, depending upon how it behaves. The face of the beast takes many forms. Fear, illusion, flightiness, overindulgence, laziness and envy are only a few. It is easy to see the face of the enemy. Just set a goal and watch the barriers appear that prevent you from reaching it.

23. What is the trick to controlling the beast?

We must train the beast, in much the same way as housebreaking the family dog. Lasting changes in behavior take time and patience, and always proceed more quickly with appropriate rewards and punishments. We learn to permanently modify its behavior with a repeated effort firmly grounded and cultivated over a long time.

23. What do you mean when you say the female leads the process of individuation?

Individuation is term Jung’s for the journey of integration, awakening of the unconscious by the conscious mind. The unconscious leads the way by some secret design. Individuation requires that we intentionally surrender to the intuitive instead of continually reasoning what to do. The answers are inside us. Inner wisdom comes by trusting our intuitive, emotional faculties to lead the way, and closely supporting them with reason and a willingness to take action.

23. How can we understanding our emotions?

Feelings constantly flow through us. They’re fluid signals that the soul sends to guide and motivate us. Whatever your feelings, accept them without judgment. Do not ignore them, or they will intensify. Acknowledge them and they let them change. Give yourself what you need in the present, but stop rehashing old stories and reliving melodramas long past. Muster your energy and move quickly through your emotions. Find appropriate methods of expression, without dumping them on others. The secret is living completely in each moment, allowing feelings their expression. “Let them flow–let them go.” That’s what surrendering to the universe means–letting life’s emotional currents flow through you but not become a part of you. Experience life’s ups and downs, listen to their messages, but don’t get caught in them.

24. What are the secrets to finding lasting peace?

Besides letting feelings flow, it is living from our center, not in the excess gaiety of our periphery. The Higher Self resides at the core of our being, but many feel this quiet place dull and boring, for there’s no emotional juice there. By learning to surrender, trust in the divine order of the universe, follow our inner currents, and practice a daily meditation practice, we release resistance and acquire peace.

25. What is the secret to understanding the Goddess?

To understand the Goddess and absorb her powers, you have to stand under and comprehend her. You need to grasp and be one with her and enter the consciousness of Divine Love personified. It is a process of identifying and learning Holy Theurgy, the art of putting on a god-form. The Goddess inside is a yin place, a deep inner reservoir, a garden that reflects all creation. We become the Goddess when we are open and receptive to direct experience.

26. Why are myths so important?

The Great Myths are the world’s dreams. These cosmic designs are our soul’s stories, which form invisible templates that support our transformations. The secret of joyful living is encoded within these time-honored tales. A myth allows us the experience of oneness by invoking images that reflect our inner struggles and serve as metaphors for your deepest psychic feelings.

27. Why is understanding the archetypal goddesses, a way of understanding ourselves?

All the different stories are our collective heritage. They offer an understanding of our inner psychological drives, and gives us invisible support so we can get the help we need. We must learn to be an actress and step into the different roles. When we embody the Goddess for a time, we receive her powers.

In the personality the feminine psyche is seen through the Moon (our inner resources or Goddess powers) and Venus (our magnetic nature or womanly wonders).

The Greek archetypal goddesses are experienced through the three types of goddesses–virgin, vulnerable and alchemical. The Virgin is independent and self-contained, like Hestia, Athena, and Artemis. Vulnerable goddesses are dependent and cover the traditional roles of child, maiden, mother and wife. The stories of Persephone, Demeter, and Psyche offer wisdom to women who link and receive their fulfillment through others. Aphrodite is the primary Alchemical Goddess. We will identify with some goddesses more strongly than others, which can be either a bane or a blessing, but with practice we can gain access to all. By tapping into the powers of love, we all can live alchemically and transform our lives.